Fire fail.

I fumbled with my camera yesterday, trying to whip it out in time to capture an epic fail < >. There was a 15-story apartment building with a 13th-floor corner room completely ablaze. A crowd had gathered and the entire Santiago fire staff had already arrived. People would peak their heads out from low story windows and point above, implicitly asking the crowd if it was indeed their building that was on fire. After the fire-fighters were already in the building, a man popped his head out from the apartment immediately next to the inferno. The crowd gasped in suspense and he nonchalantly waved, as if there was simply a cat on his roof. Words don’t do this justice. I photo failed. Conflagration chap failed worse. Luckily for humanity, he was alright.

So you know, don’t expect photos until I get on a computer with at least 126mb of RAM.


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