Price discovery is for suckers.

Something stinks about Russia’s recent nat gas exploits. I haven’t put my finger on it, but I’m guessing they didn’t meet production targets or they are trying to distract the world from something lurking in the shadows. They probably feel their diplomatic reputation can’t suffer any further after their summer escapades in Georgia and are using this opportunity to jack up natty prices and to gain a bargaining chip over future Crimean port negotations. Russia has been really shrewd with their last few provocative actions. Obviously, people haven’t learned that if you give Russia an excuse to crush you — they will. In my opinion, these actions are serving to distract from something fundamental, to show the Ukraine what will happen if they don’t renew Russia’s Crimean “lease” or are an attempt to ramp up “unacceptably” low natty prices.

I am Russia, what do I care what you think of me?


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