Avoiding Asphyxiation in the Andes

Amigos! I made it through the Andes, into Mendoza, and onwards to Buenos Aires! The bus trip through the Andes was spectacular. It was excellent preparation for the trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu — something that could truly kick my arse.

I only had 24 hours in Mendoza, so I scrambled to make the most of it. The outskirts of town were sketchy and I was pretty nervous rolling into a town I had barely researched, but everything turned out spectacularly. Mendoza is actually charming and one of the most visited towns in Argentina. It is in the heart of wine country and is home to the world´s greatest Malbecs. Hostel Lao was spectacular and I highly recommend it to anyone passing through Mendoza — it turned out to be an especially rewarding way to break up the 20+ bus ride from Santiago to BA.

I spent a few hours walking and running through the town and went for one of those fancy Argentine dinners that costs ten dollars. However, the highlight was definitely renting bikes in Maipú, a little wine town about 50 km away, and cycling through the wineries. I spent 25 dollars to rent a bike and tour three wineries. Take that Napa.

24 hours after arriving, I boarded my first class bus with a fully reclining chair and personal TV that cost 20% more than the basic service, and departed for Buenos Aires. Now, I´m tying up loose ends before I go explore a new city.


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