Shaun the gaucho?

Amigos! I had a bizarre day dealing with the Paraguayan and Bolivian embassies. These guys don’t quite have everything in order. I popped into the Bolivian embassy at 10:00 and spoke with an unbelievably nice and intelligent lady. However, she is powerless in the visa process, and informed me that the consulada wouldn’t arrive to the consulate until 15:30. I went to the Paraguayan consulate, and after a few hours of dealing with bureaucracy, such as not having a departing ticket, I completed the visa process and allegedly can pick up my visa tomorrow at 10:00. The departing ticket requirement was frustrating, because everything I have read indicates that buying Paraguayan bus tickets in advance is akin to deliberately sacrificing your cash — these buses will change the days they run and not refund your money. I have been told to always buy at the station as I am departing. I made my way back to the Bolivian embassy and was told that the Consulada wouldn’t be in today. I will return to the Bolivian embassy tomorrow to hopefully speak with the consulada when she supposedly arrives by 10:00.

In the midst of this hectic embassy hopping, I managed to squeeze in an hour of beach time with two cute British girls from my hostel. I also did plenty of walking and saw some of the less appealing parts of the city — of which there are many. Also, there are these simple canvas slippers that are extremely popular with the young males here. I love ’em and think they would be a huge hit in Orange County. I took a few pictures and will show them off to ¨Stussy Dave¨ when I get home.

Tomorrow, I am catching a 12:30 bus to Tacuarembò, where I will then be picked up by a couple gauchos from the panagea estancia! I am very optimistic about this experience. I want to ride horses, eat incredibly hearty gaucho food and to learn about cattle ranching and soya farming! I won’t have internet access, so you won’t hear from me until at least the 22nd. At which point, if I actually get my Paraguayan visa, I will be heading to Asunciòn to visit an amigo I met in BA.

Panagea will be the quiet before the long-haul bus storm that I am planning: Tacuarembò-Asunciòn-Santa Cruz-La Paz-Cuzco-Lima.

The next time you hear from me, I will be a horse-riding stud-muffin gaucho.


One Response to “Shaun the gaucho?”

  1. Scott Bower Says:

    Enjoying your Journey. You ought to write a book. Sounds like you were on Gilligans boat!!!

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