Itinerary Udate

Hola amigos!

I had an amazing and perspective broadening experience at Panagea. Unfortunately, I need another ten years on an estancia to truly call myself a gaucho. I will update you more no my experiences there tonight or tomorrow.

I had a crazy travel experience leaving Panagea. I was driven to the Tacuarembo bus station at 2:30. My bus left for Salto, Uruguay at 16:00. I had to take a taxi and hitchhike the 20km to Concordia, Argentina. I bought a ticket on a 23:50 bus to Iguassu. I showed up at the station like I was told, at 23:45 and they threw me in a taxi, telling me that I was late and that the bus was going to pick me up on the freeway. I was dropped off next to a small immigration office on the side of an Argentinian freeway at midnight. I went with it. My taxi driver and the workers in the immigration stop told me that this is normal, and that the buses always ran at least an hour late. I waited on the freeway for well over an hour until my bus arrived at 1:30. Boarded and cruised up to Iguassu. I had less than 24 hours here, but that was plenty. I literally ran through the Iguassu park and covered all the paths. Now, I am going to take a ferry to Paraguay, and then bus it to Asuncion, where I will finally have some time to take a breath and update you on my thoughts and travels.


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