Cartagena, Colombia

I love Lima. The only difference between Miraflores and Santa Monica is that prices have a $/s next to them. Centro is raw and has perfectly preserved buildings — Argentina should follow this example. The food is incredible. Trussels is 100 meters from my hostel. Larcomar is the nicest mall I have ever seen. However, as is fact in all of South America, stratification is extreme. I have never seen worse living conditions than the shanty downs built on coastal sand dunes south of Lima.

Despite my affection for this city, as has become routine on this adventure, I will say goodbye to Lima tomorrow. I am flying to Cartagena, Colombia in the morning. I am going to spend a couple days in this Spanish Colonial World Heritage Site, then try to hitch a ride on a sailboat north, through the San Blas Islands, to Panama. We’ll see what happens.


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