Itinerary Update

Panama City is another stratified Latin American metropolis — but with quite a few more norteamericano retirees. El centro is packed with modern high rises and shopping plazas — whereas, the outskirts are filled with enterprising Colombians and Panamanians who are looking to take advantage of this naive influx of Americans. This city didn’t quite do it for me.

I spent two days in PC before making my way to the Panamanian highlands and the town of Boquete. I am staying with an extremely generous couple, the Mullins, who are family friends from Newport Beach that made emigrated to Panama three years ago. Their community is incredible and defied all of my expectations. The Mullins are pioneers and will be greatly rewarded for their vision.

I went on an epic tour of a coffee plantation this afternoon. It doesn’t take long to become a coffee snob. Sorry mates.

Something came up recently, and I had to push my plans forward a bit, so now I am scrambling to make it to El Salvador. I am jumping on a bus to San Jose, CR in the morning and will spend a day there, and then another day in Nicaragua.

I am coming home for three days on February 20th. I will keep you all updated.

I have so many ideas right now. I can’t contain myself. How can we design an experiment to test whether our three dimensional experiences are embedded in a higher dimensional space? I have no idea and will go crazy thinking about this.


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