Good News from Singapore

I spontaneously burst into bouts of smiles and shouts all day. I am moving to Pasadena this Fall.

I owe you many blog posts as a result of my tardiness. I will catch you up on El Salvador when I get a chance — and my drug bust bus ride.

I flew home on February 19th for an interview at Caltech. After, I had a couple days to regroup and then I flew to Singapore, via Beijing, on the morning of the 24th. I had a ten hour layover in China, so my total travel time was over 34 hours. My ticket was only $400. However, I definitely recommend flying direct!

Singapore is a city I have been infatuated with for a few years. It is a place I considered living. It seamlessly fuses East and West — Mandarin and English. Truly, Singapore is an incredible city. It is ungodly diverse and there is a palpable energy — these people know they are the future and are cashing in on it. If I weren’t going to get my ass kicked by mathematics and physics, I would start my career here.

I walked over15  miles today — I am on pace for five fulls meals. I am on my way to take advantage of the National Museum of Singapore’s free evening admission policy. After, I will have another tantalizing food court meal.

I am on the road and posting regularly.


2 Responses to “Good News from Singapore”

  1. Brennan Says:

    Congrats, Shaun!
    What program?

  2. Scott Bower Says:

    Shaun, the walking team sends you whole bunches of congrats on Caltech—Outstanding!!!!!

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