I arrived in Georgia’s Black Sea party town of Batumi this afternoon. Unfortunately, I chose a rainy, out-of-season, holiday! Thus, the city is absolutely dead. However, I was anticipating this and am mainly using it as a stopover on my way to Turkey. Getting through the caucusas and into Turkey is a pain in the arse as a result of all the border closures.

I axed my Armenia plans in favor of exploring Syria for a couple days. Stop holding your breath, you silly American readers. I have heard unbelievably good things about this country, from multiple trusted sources and I will be extremely cautious.

I hunkered down for the last couple hours and attempted to learn basic Turkish and Arabic and did a bit of planning.

This internet cafe is closing! Sianara Caucusas!


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  1. Rich Says:

    I hope your quick Turkish and Arabic hold up–enjoy Turkey and Syria!

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