Maguires In Istanbul!

I am sitting next to a beautiful woman in an Istanbul internet cafe. That lady is my mother! Lisa arrived and we are going to spend the next two and a half weeks making our way through Eastern Europe to Zurich, from where she will fly back to California. New cuisines will be sampled, architecture will inspire and wine *might* fuel the process!

With regards to the latest leg of my bus adventure, Turkey has an incredibly extensive route network, that is traversed by modern and expensive Mercedes buses — but they simply did not take the essentials into consideration! These buses do not have bathrooms, nor functionally reclining seats! Stopping for thirty minutes every two hours is not efficient and is not conducive to a proper nights sleep! Blasted fools!

With regards to sleeping in the meadow, I will now elaborate, but in a terse manner due to my respect for the sanctity of time. I arrived at the Antakya station at 4:15 and sought out a room in the hotel atop the station — the one I stayed at in my previous Antakya experience. The man only had significantly more expensive, or a much worse, yet similarly priced room available. He would not give me a discount for only staying a few hours, even though his hotel was empty, no one was going to come seeking a room between 4:15-noon, and that the room was much worse. He refused to negotiate and would only accept US dollars — a sacred currency to a backpacker. I was sick of his monopolistic refusal to bargain and decided to spend the early morning in a meadow I discovered on a run! I slept in a patch of olive trees dotting a meadow on the outskirts of Antakya! The only person I encountered was a sheep herder, who was keenly interested and respectful. He gestured that he would keep an eye out for me while I slept. I then proceeded to sneak into the hotel shower, and walked four miles for lunch out of protest against this man´s rough business tactics! I assure you, he was more of an asshole than myself. At least from my perspective. I also assure you that people the world over think I am insane — and I agree with them! 

Despite having a new companion, I promise I will not neglect my old friends (you!)


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