Shaun the Laggard.

Lisa and I have made major progress over the last couple days — we transited Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro at a pace that exhausted even myself! We took today off and splurged in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Yesterday, we walked approximately 18 miles and explored the beautiful walled city of Kotor, Montenegro. We stayed the night in a Tivat, Montenegro hostel that was a front for Kosovo’s independence movement. We met a beautiful family who was tragically touched by Albania’s previous socialist dictator — the grandfather was sentenced to 25 years in prison for leaving the country, and the father to hard labor unloading boulders. The hospitality in Albania rivaled that of Syria and the natural beauty was remarkable, but detrimentally affected by the mountains of rubbish that have accumulated on the roadside.  The fjords, castles and classic architecture in coastal Montenegro were inspiring, and we are both confident that this country is on the brink of a massive reputation boost — it is undoubtedly the region’s next ‘Croatia.’ Despite the cruise ships and mounds of tourists, Dubrovnik is charming and we ate one of the most spectacular meals of my life here this afternoon.Allegedly, the internet in Tivat was provided by Canada’s richest man, as he sweetens the city council in preparation for a wave of development. However, everyone uses it and it was extremely unreliable.

These are all things that I need to expound upon when I have more time and a reliable computer.  Jumping back to Croatia, we are about to jump on a night bus to Zagreb. I am under the impression that we briefly pass through Bosnia to do so. This is a fascinating region of the world that has seen many rough days and has a rich history. I owe you a massive update.


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