Lisa and I chose an excellent route for our adventure and have been upgrading our lifestyle with every passing kilometer! Sofia was charming, and Bulgaria had a beautiful country-side, but the hospitality we experienced left much to be desired. However, we did eat a couple spectacular meals in Sofia.

We essentially only transited Macedonia, and had a rough time at the border, but the experiences we did have were very positive. We had a three hour bus layover in Gostorov, and were spontaneously stopped by a few different locals who simply asked if they could help us with any information. All three times that we attempted to buy fruit from street vendors, our money was turned away and the fruit was given to us for free.

The hospitality in Macedonia was remarkable, but it was outdone in Albania. In particular, we had an incredible cab driver named Mark, who called upon his border patrol officer of a son, Edvin, to enable us to bypass the Montenegro border. This father-son duo had an amazing family history of persecution in the dark dictatorial years of decades past.

We have been enjoying a cultured lifestyle in Budapest. We visited the cities two major art museums yesterday. We  lounged and exfoliated in the Széchenyi baths this morning. Moved on to a cute cafe fora couple Cappuchinos and Machiatos. Bought $4 Opera tickets for tonight’s performace of Handel’s Serse (Xerxes) in Budapest’s ornate opera house. Walked to the train station and purchased a pair of tickets to Vienna. Currently, we are on our way to the great market here, to find some goodies for lunch, before the performance and on our train ride.  The rest of our afternoon will probably take us to castle hill on the Buda side of the Danube.

My brain is exploding with ideas relating to math, physics and businesses. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Sorry for such lackluster updates.


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