Blazing through Central America update — for posterity!

My buddy Jeff Marlow and I met in Panama City at 2:30am on December 16th, 2010. I made it there via DC, where I attended Caltech’s science policy trip. Something significant happened. My layover in Atlanta was a nightmare. We were grounded on the tarmack for five hours, first waiting in line to be de-iced. Then our vacuum pump broke and the lavatories stopped working. They wouldn’t let us of the *international* flight for security reasons while they fixed the problem. They didn’t serve water or food while we waited, for obvious reasons. I was super comfortable and elated from some DC encounters, so I sat back and watched as people self-destructed out of frustration and discomfort. Jeff and I met at Luna’s Castle hostel in Panama City. We spent the next day exploring the canal, casco viejo and old town. I described these areas in an older post. We used a seven hour overnight bus to the Costa Rican border as our dormitory. We then spent most of the next day transiting Costa Rica. We arrived in Puntarenas around 7pm and spent the night there. We woke up at 4:45am this morning and made our way north to the Nicaragua border via municipal buses. We made it to Granada around 2:30pm. Explored the markets and colonial buildings for the rest of the afternoon. We are waking up early again to catch buses north to Honduras and then ideally into El Salvador. The borders are INSANE right now as Central Americans travel around for the holidays. We are going to spend quite a bit of time in line.

Siempre Norte!


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