I have nine minutes. This post will be another memory jogger. The past few days have been insane. Jeff and I are lunatics. We took a bunch of local buses through Honduras and then to San Miguel, El Salvador. We spent the night at cheap hotel behind the main bus terminal. We ate at a fantastic and authentic papuseria. We caught a 5am bus the next morning north to San Salvador. We walked a few miles with our luggage through the center of town to the puerto bus station. We left our stuff at another cheap hotel and then set off to find the buses to La Libertad, the local port city. We made it over there, I had an excellent chicken soup and then we took local buses up to a famous beach, Sunzal. Jeff rented a surfboard and I also took it out for a bit. We caught a bus back into town and I bought some ceviche to bring to the Alvarez’ house. The Alvarez’ hosted me the last time I was in El Salvador, and they graciously agreed to meet up with us for dinner. Our bus went right by there house, so we navigated our way directly there. They gave Jeff a tour and then we went into town. I love this family. They are incredibly generous.

We woke up the next morning and caught the 5am bus to Guatemala City. We arrived in the city a bit before 10am and walked with our luggage for two hours in search of our next bus station. These long walks are intentional and force us to see parts of the city we otherwise wouldn’t. Adittionally, it is phenomenal exercise! We bought tickets on the 9:30pm overnight bus to Flores. With that out of the way, we found a bus to Antigua and explored that gorgeous colonial gem for a few hours. We caught a bus back into Guat City and had a couple hours to kill before meeting friends for dinner. We decided to walk to the restaurant four miles across town, still with all of our luggage! Dinner was nice. We caught our bus and woke up in Flores. We explored Tikal today. It was one of most spectacular places I have ever been. We then had an adventure and are now staying the night in San Ignacio, Belize! To Cancun tomorrow!


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